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News & Resources

Looking for something? This is where you can read the latest news related to the AGIs project and access a range of resources such as the AGI handbook and country reports to websites and books.


July 19 -22, 2022

 Hilde Toonen presented the AGIs on the 20th Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET) in Vigo, Spain.

April 30, 2021

AGI team member Simon Bush and TAC member David Little contributed to a 20-year retrospective review on aquaculture, recently published in Nature.


Simon discussed the research and implications in an "Ask the author" event, organized by TABLE.

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May 12, 2021

‘Is governance the missing ingredient for sustainable aquaculture?’ 

The fourth seminar in the Big Fish Series is now streaming on Youtube. The event was organized by the University of Stirling, and co-hosted by the AGI team. 



September 7-9, 2021

The Sealice International Conference 2021 was held online on September 7-9. Dr. Hilde Toonen attended the conference and the AGI handbook was presented at the event. Learn more and watch the video of the conference here.


Here is our pool of resources...dive right in! 



The AGI handbook is the go-to resource regarding our methodology and research process. If you want to see exactly how we do our assessments and learn more about the foundation of our work and this project, look no further.



Our AGI Framework provides an integrative approach to assessing the ways in which governance can enable and enhance the environmental performance of the diverse aquaculture sectors around the world. Check out our infographic on our website's Framework page. 



The AGI Country Synthesis Reports provide an overview of our key findings regarding the "state-of-the-art " of a country's aquaculture governance. The reports can be found on our website's Countries page.  



Governing Sustainable Seafood

by Simon Bush and Peter Oosteveer: 

 This book takes into account the rise of social movements through environmental non-governmental organisations, the nature and perceived limits of government regulation within and beyond the state, and the promise of market-based approaches to governance such as ecolabelling.”


The seminar (recorded May 12) opens with a short presentation outlining the research of the AGI provided by Dr Simon Bush, Wageningen University & Research. This is followed by video opinions from around the world.


An interactive discussion on the topic follows with a diverse panel of experts including Randy Brummett (World Bank), Han Han (China Blue Sustainability Institute), Wendy Norden (Seafood Watch), Anakarina Pérez Oropeza (Forest Stewardship Council International) and Dave Robb (SeaFurther™, Cargill Aqua Nutrition). Eddie Allison, Director of Science and Research, Aquatic Food Systems, WorldFish closes the seminar. 



In developing the AGIs, we were inspired by the Fisheries Performance Indicators (FPIs) as designed by James Anderson and colleagues from the University of Florida and the University of Washington. The FPIs provide a tool to assess the environmental, economic and social sustainability of fishery management systems



The Monterey Bay Seafood Watch is a great resource to explore  seafood recommendations as a consumer.  Visit their website to learn about more projects they are involved with and to learn about how your seafood 'rates'. 

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