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Collection of all AGI news items to date

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September 7-9

The Sealice International Conference 2021 was held online September in 7-9. Dr. Hilde Toonen, Assistant Professor at Environmental Policy group (Wageningen University & Research), attended the conference and the AGI handbook was presented at the event. Learn more and watch the video of the conference here.


April 30

AGI team member Simon Bush and TAC member David Little contributed to a 20-year retrospective review on aquaculture, recently published in Nature.


Simon discussed the research and implications in an "Ask the author" event, organized by TABLE.

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May 12

‘Is governance the missing ingredient for sustainable aquaculture?’ 

The fourth seminar in the Big Fish Series is now streaming on Youtube. The event was organized by the University of Stirling, and co-hosted by the AGI team. 



June 29 -July 2

The AGI team is presenting their work on the MARE People and the Sea conference. 

This bi-annual conference brings together marine social scientists from around the globe. This year's edition is online.

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